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  Business Consulting

In today's knowledge era, businesses survive on their ability to implement the changes required to remain competitive amidst volatile economic conditions and rising customer demands. The effective diagnosis of organizational culture, structural and operational strengths and weaknesses are fundamental to any successful organizational development. It is imperative to examine opportunities and challenges from internal and external angles so that businesses can respond to them efficiently and in a timely fashion for achieving long-term success.
Alpha is a business advisory, consulting and implementation services conglomeration of experienced business strategy and execution experts. We scaffold our clients to anticipate growth factors, build go-to-market strategy, create business plans, develop sales and service channels – direct, indirect teams. We change management and prepare the organization to grow, especially technology start-ups, small & medium enterprises (SME) and New market entries who are attempting to create a network effect and non-linear growth.
Our business consulting unit supports you in this process, is very responsive and delivers results quickly. You can have total confidence in our capability to get the job done. You can also enjoy a refreshing approach that has collaboration at its heart, which means you are 100% assured of involvement throughout the process, with no surprises and where decisions are fully aligned with your needs.
We provide specific solutions for strategy definition as well as operational improvement processes such as capturing efficiencies, change management, business intelligence and people management. Our Consulting Services deliver business transformational offerings to help your business transform with certainty and produce tangible benefits.

Key Offerings

  • Project and change management
  • Performance management
  • Strategic planning
  • Independent reviews
  • Customer Experience Enhancement
  • Business Operations Transformation
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Revenue Assurance Consulting
  • Program Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Business Improvement Diagnostics

Whatever your business needs, we can help you to move forward and identify and implement major transformations efficiently and effortlessly. Talk to us about services offered to key private sector and public sector clients, and how we can support you in progressing and improving your business.

 Acquisition Support

Alpha facilitates professional management of support requests, transparency through live support details and overall high responsiveness. Alpha provides complete lifecycle acquisition support services. Our commitment to our client’s mission success is what drives us from the initial source selection phase through the product development, delivery, and sustainment phases. Our clients rely on the acquisition guidance and expertise delivered by our team of professionals from a project’s beginning to end. The Acquisition Support Group (ASG) provides hands-on practitioners, consultants, business advisors, technical trainers, and subject matter experts to support client programs.
Acquisition program managers are challenged not only to grasp practical business concerns, but also to understand topics as diverse as risk identification and mitigation, selection and integration of commercial off-the-shelf components, process capability, program management, architecture, survivability, interoperability, source selection, and contract monitoring. We provide acquisition solutions from contract support, source selection support, and policy support to systems and personnel for full acquisition lifecycle support and process improvement, including:

  • Acquisition and program management
  • Acquisition strategy, planning
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Business intelligence, metrics, and dashboards
  • Requirements definition and cost estimating
  • Change management consulting services
  • Strategy and acquisition management planning
  • Information management
  • IT program and management
  • Process analysis and implementation
  • Research and development contracting
  • business advisory support
  • Acquisition automation and system design
  • Application development

We meet processes, and program challenges with effective innovative approaches and efficient strategic methodologies that reduce acquisition costs, while optimizing long-term value for our clients. We ensure mission success for our customers, our associate contractors, and our small business primes. We strive to be the best worldwide provider of end-to-end program and acquisition management services.

 Application Development

Innumerable market scenarios and their interplay from changing market conditions, customer preferences, technological advances, to growth, mergers and acquisitions among very many more, today more than substantiate the need for new business processes and supporting business applications. You need an application development partner who understands your business needs and can help define a technology solution that ensures your success with the best balance of cost, speed and quality.As market forces change the way we do business, the way companies spend on IT is also changing. With emerging applications on the cloud, the explosion of mobility, and the convergence of computing, telecommunications and broadcast, businesses across industries are experiencing new pressures as well as opportunities. Today, IT leaders must stay on the cutting edge of complex application solutions in order to manage their internal landscape in a way that lets them not only run, but also change the business.
The Alpha application development team engages with you to understand your business needs, and design solutions based on your requirement. We architect and design software applications based on our experience across multiple technologies, domains, industries, incorporating industry best practices in our development approach, and technology innovations that we are known for.
Alpha helps businesses accelerate time-to-market by reducing time spent across all stages of the application development lifecycle through automation, IPs, open source, and licensed third party tools. Besides leveraging emerging technologies, we help you keep pace with new trends and achieve dynamic business objectives such as:

  • Higher and faster business value with business-driven IT and application development using Global Agile and DevOps.
  • Stable, scalable and high-usability applications reinforced with robust architecture and seamless integration capability.
  • Technology excellence through automation, continuous delivery, application modernization, and SMAC.
  • Enhanced cost optimization through reduced cost and improved quality with cutting-edge Infosys accelerators and IPs.

The Alpha Advantage

  • The precise combination of domain and technology expertise enables reduced time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Optimal onshore/offshore balance helps reduce IT investment for new deployments and to maintain existing functionality.
  • Our proven processes, tools and methodologies help reduce backlogs in business demands and improve responsiveness to changing business needs and technologies.
  • Our best in class quality and certifications ensure increased speed of development without compromising on quality and security.
  • Alpha's innovative methods helps improve efficiency of application performance, and also results in improved customer experience.
  • Alpha's elite delivery excellence team ensures risk-free and predictable delivery along with innovative improvements to delivery effectiveness.

  Telecom Optimization

The Total cost of ownership for telecom services and network assets is a top-line item expense, yet these assets can prove to be one of the most unmanageable business expenses. Our services ensure that business managers can understand, optimize, and manage their voice, data, and wireless systems. We give them the knowledge, based on measurable data that they need to make strategic business decisions about their communications infrastructures. Optimization may change the types of new technology investments or eliminate the need for new purchases. Optimization also provides an accurate picture of the value of existing telecommunications systems so that a solid business case can be made for technology migration.
Our telecom optimization services help companies reduce telecom costs, improve operations, and simplify management – a challenge for even the most successful organizations. Gaining spend visibility, navigating carrier contracts, and understanding the relationship between services and use while supporting end users and day-to-day operations is nearly impossible within many organizations due to lack of resources. Alpha has a long history of providing the resource necessary
to create a strategic roadmap that enables clients to identify and capitalize on short-term cost reduction opportunities, while maintaining the agility necessary to adopt new technologies, and make further improvements over the long-term.
By leveraging the information accumulated during the data collection phase of our process, our telecom optimization team can identify opportunities to:

  • Disconnect unused telecommunications services.
  • Trunk utilization.
  • Pinpoint all calling anomalies.
  • Offload voice and data traffic to least-cost services.
  • Move services under most-advantageous existing agreements.
  • Adjust bandwidth and trunking to match consumption.
  • Add features or plans to telecom lines and circuits where advantageous.
  • Accommodate increased usage with new, lower cost services vs. upgrades to existing services.
  • Comprehensive report detailing all recommendations.

Our Optimization services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line by identifying potential problem areas in your telecom spend and recovering those losses while there’s still time. More importantly our monthly audits assure you don’t experience the same errors in the future. And with typical client savings ranging from 15 to 25% it’s an easy investment to justify.

 Automation and Orchestration

Few industries work in such tight integration with their information technology as do telecommunications providers. As their IT and networks transform into IP and script based systems, many leaders in this industry are feeling competitive pressure to differentiate themselves, reduce process burdens and take on industry newcomers. Born out of innovation, Alpha provides the capabilities to automate existing processes and apply it’s continuous learning engine to address future challenges. By leveraging Alpha, telecom players can liberate resources to envision and deploy initiatives that can deliver a competitive edge against market incumbents and new challengers alike.
A Telecommunications and IT Management system can provide advanced analytics along with a powerful engine to automate tasks. As companies turn to data and analytics they gain significant visibility into the overall performance of the business. The manual process of turning these insights into action can be arduous management task to its own.Our Telecommunication Division has the expertise in designing, developing & marketing systems integration and telecommunication system engineering.Our systems are engineered and built entirely based on the customer's specific requirements and specifications meeting with the industry and international standards and practices.
Telecom Orchestration is a mechanism for doing dynamic service composition. In a service oriented architecture, a service orchestration tool (e.g. Web Services orchestration) can be used to create a combined service or integrated service (offering a combined or integrated user experience), by orchestrating the invocation of individual services, in response to user requests, network events or other inputs. Our telecom Orchestration team take care of following:

Alpha elevates the business of telecom to a new level of automation and profitability by putting billing, trading, and routing in one integrated, function-rich data warehouse. With Alpha as a partner, you can consolidate your entire operation onto a truly end-to-end operation to billing to engineering solution.

  Service Integration and Management

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is an approach to managing multiple suppliers of services (business services as well as information technology services) and integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organization. It aims at seamlessly integrating interdependent services from various internal and external service providers into end-to-end services in order to meet business requirements.
The multi-vendor environment usually lacks end-to-end accountability and contractual mechanisms to integrate vendors and ensure collaboration. With 40-45% leakage observed on an average, full potential of multi sourcing is not realized. Alpha's Service Integration is a comprehensive, collaborative, way of working that enables multi-sourced IT services, provided by an ecosystem of independent service providers, to operate together, as one, in the delivery of IT services that fully align with your business objectives and create value. Organizations today strive to boost the effectiveness of IT services by working with cutting-edge suppliers, the most recent tools and technologies, and new IT policies. But the challenge can lie in implementing a strategy that ensures that these diverse factors are contributing to the organizations business outcomes.

We offer

  • Service Management: Ensures end-to-end service, monitors cross-supplier performance, and manages transition to achieve seamless delivery of services, thereby enabling you to bring IT closer to the business.
  • Vendor Management: Optimizes vendor performance through a managed supplier base and rigorous supplier performance review.
  • Transformation Management: Helps you design and implement the target enterprise architecture; drives innovation, continual service improvement, and organizational change management to help achieve your strategic objectives.
  • Program Management: Drives planning and governance for projects and programs to deliver the intended benefits.
  • Risk and Compliance Management: Helps you manage business and environmental risks and drive compliance in line with changing business and market needs.
  • Service Integration Governance: Ensures complete accountability for services with a strong governance layer and a consistent single source of data on the performance of the entire service delivery ecosystem.

Solution Benefits

  • Improved predictability and service availability
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness
  • Robust governance and control
  • Effective risk tracking and monitoring
  • Aligned Business IT streams