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Telecom Optimization

We give them the knowledge, based on measurable data that they need to make strategic business decisions about their communications.

  Telecom Optimization

The Total cost of ownership for telecom services and network assets is a top-line item expense, yet these assets can prove to be one of the most unmanageable business expenses. Our services ensure that business managers can understand, optimize, and manage their voice, data, and wireless systems. We give them the knowledge, based on measurable data that they need to make strategic business decisions about their communications infrastructures. Optimization may change the types of new technology investments or eliminate the need for new purchases. Optimization also provides an accurate picture of the value of existing telecommunications systems so that a solid business case can be made for technology migration.

Our telecom optimization services help companies reduce telecom costs, improve operations, and simplify management – a challenge for even the most successful organizations. Gaining spend visibility, navigating carrier contracts, and understanding the relationship between services and use while supporting end users and day-to-day operations is nearly impossible within many organizations due to lack of resources. Alpha has a long history of providing the resource necessary
to create a strategic roadmap that enables clients to identify and capitalize on short-term cost reduction opportunities, while maintaining the agility necessary to adopt new technologies, and make further improvements over the long-term.
By leveraging the information accumulated during the data collection phase of our process, our telecom optimization team can identify opportunities to:

  • Disconnect unused telecommunications services.
  • Trunk utilization.
  • Pinpoint all calling anomalies.
  • Offload voice and data traffic to least-cost services.
  • Move services under most-advantageous existing agreements.
  • Adjust bandwidth and trunking to match consumption.
  • Add features or plans to telecom lines and circuits where advantageous.
  • Accommodate increased usage with new, lower cost services vs. upgrades to existing services.
  • Comprehensive report detailing all recommendations.

Our Optimization services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line by identifying potential problem areas in your telecom spend and recovering those losses while there’s still time. More importantly our monthly audits assure you don’t experience the same errors in the future. And with typical client savings ranging from 15 to 25% it’s an easy investment to justify.